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We,Guangzhou Chumeng New material Co.,Ltd  China’s Top Printing Solutions Provider,Verytack is our brand ,

Discover Verytack, your go-to source for premium printing solutions. With over 15 years of expertise, we offer a wide range of print solutions, including DTF Printing, UV DTF Printing, digital printing  DTF Consumables, and DTF PRINTER, Such as UV DTF film printer, UV DTF transfer film, UV ink, DTF film, dtf powder, and more. Based in Guangzhou, China, we serve customers worldwide, hot selling in the USA, Europe, and Middle East. Partner with us for success in the printing industry.”

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The company was founded in 2008 By Mrs Hu sister,Who since 2006 has been a Pioneer in the Digital printing DTF Products industry.

With its clear focus and positioning,Guangzhou Chumeng New Material CO., Ltd is a trusted partner for B2B customers around the world.

Today the Group Employs more than 500 workers and staff all over China.

Mrs. Hu, Recommend

The New Trend Of Digital printing Solution

Just press only !!

No more weeding and cutting 

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We have a professional sales team and 7×24 hours of service. Our team’s dedication to providing top-quality products and services for our customers has allowed us to become one of China’s biggest DTF PRINTING PRODUCTS and digital printing manufacturers. In addition, We Built the first post-doctoral research to continually offer new and improved products for the changing demands of our customers.

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