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Which Packing Tape Should You Use?

You might think that all packing tape is the same and simply seals a box and that’s it. But not all packaging tape is the same, and with a wide variety of different types to use out there, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming trying to pick the one best suited to your needs. Acrylic, Hotmelt, or Solvent Adhesives There are three different types of adhesives available for tapes, Acrylic, Hotmelt, and solvent. Each adhesive has different properties which make them more suitable for different situations. Acrylic adhesives work in a wider temperature range than hotmelts (0°C to 65° compared with 3°C to 50°C) as well as in more humid environments. Hotmelts, however, have a stronger adhesion than acrylics on many surfaces including cardboard and perform better under constant stress. Solvent-based tapes (Vinyl tapes can only use solvent adhesive) have the strongest adhesion properties and deal with extreme temperatures and high humidity the best, making it the favorite choice for heavy-duty packaging and export packaging. Acrylic – Low cost, good for the majority of standard packaging needs Hotmelt – Stronger adhesion than acrylic, and are more resistant to stress Solvent – The strongest adhesive, works in extreme temperatures but is also the most costly   Polypropylene Packing Tape Polypropylene tape is the most commonly used packing tape and is usually colored clear or brown. It’s very strong, durable, and resistant to breaking during the shipping process. It is generally the most economic type of packaging tape out there and

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masking tape

masking tape vs painters tape

The Difference Between Blue Painter’s Tape and Masking Tape Thinking about sprucing up your home or business with a quick paint job? Whether this is your first big project or you’re a seasoned pro, one of the first decisions to make is what kind of tape to use when painting. The tape you use can make or break your paint job. You don’t want to cut corners as far as getting crisp, clean lines and protecting your walls from residue due to cheap tape. TapeManBlue is here to set the record straight when it comes to choosing quality painter’s tape vs. masking tape. Painters tape is designed not to bleed with water-based lucite house paints. Masking Tape is a crepe paper tape with a natural rubber adhesive that might bleed and leave a residue. Painters tape stays adhered to surfaces leaving a clean paint line. Masking tape can also leave clean lines like painter tape but usually isn’t as reliable. Our painter tape can be left on the surface for up to 14 days and still get a clean removal.   Is There a Difference Between Painter’s Tape and Masking Tape? Yes. The difference between painter’s tape and masking tape lies primarily in the adhesive. Masking tape is designed to be extra sticky and not come off, while painter’s tape is designed to have a low tack that makes it easier to remove after painting and less likely to leave a residue. Painter’s tape is a specialized type of masking tape.

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All you need to know about Duct tape

What is duct tape? Duct tape, also called cloth tape, is a long-lasting adhesive tape that can be easily torn by hand. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its strength and water resistance. It’s available in various widths, lengths, and colors – with the most common colors being black, silver, and clear. There’s even duct tape that glows in the dark, which is useful for crafts, Halloween decorations or locating items in dark settings. As well as this, there’s double-sided duct tape which is coated in the adhesive on both sides. This is ideal for sticking two objects or surfaces together without making holes or the tape being visible. Duct tape can have different grades, which help determine the applications it should be used for. The grade refers to how the tape is made – so the type of adhesive used and the strength of the cloth backing. The strength of the cloth backing depends on the number of threads it has, with more threads making it stronger and therefore more difficult to tear. It was originally called duck tape because during World War II the US military needed waterproof tape to keep moisture out of ammunition cases. Johnson & Johnson manufactured the tape and, because of its water resistance which emulates water off a duck’s back, it was referred to as ‘duck’ tape. Duct tape (also called duck tape, from the cotton duck cloth it was originally made of) is cloth- or scrim-backed pressure-sensitive tape, often coated with polyethylene. There are a variety

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