E30-BEST DTF Printer

E30-DTF Printer It produces durable and intense color prints, is built utilizing robust and reliable Engine Printheads (DUAL PRINTHEAD SYSTEM), and is professionally enhanced, built from the ground up as a film printing solution



Details about E30-BEST DTF Printer

Product Description:


Unleash Printing Brilliance with the Best DTF Printer!

Are you ready to experience a new dimension in printing? Look no further than our exceptional DTF technology, designed to complement the capabilities of the best DTF printer in the industry.

How to print by using 30cm dtf printer


To print using a 30cm DTF (Direct to Film) printer, you’ll need to follow these general steps. Keep in mind that specific printer models may have variations in their setup and operation, so always consult your printer’s manual for detailed instructions:

  1. Prepare Your Design: Create or prepare the design you want to print using graphic design software. Ensure that the design is sized and formatted correctly for the 30cm DTF printer.
  2. Prepare the DTF Film: Load a roll of DTF film into the printer. Make sure the film is properly aligned and securely in place. Check the film specifications for compatibility with your printer.
  3. Adjust Printer Settings: Configure the printer settings according to your specific requirements. This may include selecting the print quality, resolution, color settings, and paper type (in this case, DTF film).
  4. Load the Design: Load the design file into the printer software. Some printers allow you to connect your computer directly to the printer, while others may use USB drives or other storage devices to transfer the design.
  5. Print the Design: Initiate the printing process from your computer or the printer’s control panel. The printer will apply the ink directly to the DTF film, reproducing your design with precision.
  6. Curing Process: After printing, the DTF ink needs to be cured to ensure durability. This can be done using a DTF curing machine, which exposes the printed film to UV light to dry and cure the ink. Follow the curing time and temperature specifications recommended for your ink and film.
  7. Cut and Weed (Optional): If your design requires cutting or weeding (removing excess material), use a cutting plotter or weeding tool to trim and prepare the film for transfer.
  8. Prepare the Substrate: Prepare the surface where you intend to apply the design. For textiles, ensure they are clean and properly pre-treated if necessary to enhance adhesion.
  9. Transfer the Design: Use a heat press machine to transfer the design from the DTF film to the substrate. Follow the recommended time, temperature, and pressure settings for the specific DTF ink and film you are using.
  10. Peel and Inspect: After the transfer process, allow the substrate to cool slightly before peeling away the DTF film. Inspect the print for quality and adhesion.
  11. Finish and Package: Depending on your project, you may need to perform additional finishing steps, such as folding, packaging, or further customization.


How to print dtf how to print dtf

Always consult your printer and DTF film manufacturer’s guidelines for precise instructions, as different models and materials may have unique requirements. Additionally, practice and experimentation are essential to achieving the best results with your specific equipment and materials.


Transform Your Printing Experience: Say goodbye to ordinary prints and dive into the extraordinary with the powerful capabilities of the best DTF printer. Whether you’re a professional printer or a passionate DIY enthusiast, this dynamic technology will redefine your expectations.

Unmatched Print Quality: Our DTF technology stands as a testament to excellence, ensuring your prints are nothing short of perfection. Get ready for vibrant colors and intricate details that bring your designs to life. We redefine print quality by delivering precision and vibrancy like never before.

Efficiency and Innovation: Printing should be hassle-free, and that’s precisely what our technology offers. Experience smooth loading, reliable performance, and UV curing for instant drying. No more waiting around; your prints are ready to impress.

Endless Creative Possibilities: From custom apparel and textiles to promotional products and signage, our technology offers versatility that knows no bounds. It adheres seamlessly to various surfaces, enabling you to explore a multitude of creative applications.

Embrace Sustainability: Our technology is as friendly to your pocket as it is to the environment. With minimal waste and a focus on sustainability, you can embark on your printing adventures with a clear conscience.

Experience Printing Excellence: Embrace the future of printing with the best DTF printer, leaving lackluster prints in the past. Get ready to captivate and amaze, whether you’re impressing clients or indulging in your creative passions.

Don’t wait any longer; embark on your printing journey today with the best DTF printer. Witness the magic of prints that dazzle and endure. It’s time to elevate your printing game and explore limitless possibilities!



Model Number
Control Software
Printing Resolution
Ink Supply System

Bulk supply+White mixing+white

Head Protection System
Auto cleaning system
Valid Printing Width
35 CM
Color Configuration
Head type
Pring Speed
6 Pass 3-4 ㎡/h          8 Pass 2-3 ㎡/h
Color Control

Meeting the ICC standard, with the

the function of ink curve
Ink Capacity
260 ml
Network cable interface
1000 megabyte network interface
System Request
Working Environment

25-28℃/50% humidity/Non-dust

90 KGS/120 KGS
Printer Size
115*51*75 cm
Printer Packing Size
125*61*85 cm
RIP Software
Maintop 6.0/photoprint
Support Printing Format

Heater and Powder Shaking Machine

Moder No
E-30 Heater
90*55*50 cm
Packing Size
90*72*70 cm
55 KGS
Rated Voltage
220 V
Rated Current
20 A
Rate Power
2.0 KW

Our factory

  • Guangzhou Chumeng NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD was established in 2019, it belongs to the Amazing sister Group, the main office is in HK, we have rich experience as one of leading manufacturers in this field .for variety areas of application .continuous innovation and the use of the latest technology make us an expert partner worldwide .such as amazon, Costco, Walmart. Among them, our company’s products in the same industry account for 40% of Wal-Mart
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  • delivery time: less than 100 packs can ship out within a day; less than1000 packs can ship out in 15days.
  • Samples can be sent on request
  • factory and workshop   packing workshop
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