VERYTACK DTG Pretreatment for Light Garment

Our DTF ink (aka Direct to Film ink) has been carefully selected and tested, and our DTF ink manufacturing partners carefully scrutinized it to ensure the highest quality standards in ink production and consistency.


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Details about VERYTACK DTG Pretreatment for Light Garment

VERYTACK DTG Pretreatment for light Garment is a new pretreatment that allows inks to stay on white garments longer. This increases CMYK vibrancy, and optimizes clarity. This pretreatment helps to keep ink on white garments, resulting in crisp, clear prints. After treatment, garments are extremely washable and have a soft hand feel.


  • Washability: Colors are protected from fading, and there is little or no ink loss even after several washes.
  • Pretreatment bonding to fabric creates crisp, clear prints
  • Vibrancy CMYK: Boosts vibrancy
  • Soft Hand Feel: Pretreatment doesn’t starch the fabric
  • Compatible with 100% Cotton blends and Polyester
  • Heat press, conveyor dryer or hand drying are all methods of curing.
  • Long shelf life: Guaranteed to last for up to 1 1/2 years after manufacture date.
  • Pretreatment doesn’t settle or form solid chunks.


epson pretreatment liquid

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Our factory

  • GUANGZHOU Chumeng New material CO., LTD was established in 2019, it belongs to the Amazing sister Group, the main office is in HK, we have rich experience as one of leading manufacturers in this field .for variety areas of application .continuous innovation and the use of the latest technology make us an expert partner worldwide .such as amazon, Costco, Walmart. Among them, our company’s products in the same industry account for 40% of Wal-Mart
  • with our own factory, can provide wholesale competitive prices, advanced equipment, high technology, well-organized quality control style.
  • after-sales service, all of our products with strict quality inspection, If there are any quality problems after receiving the goods, you can apply for a refund.
  • customized products, Our products can provide customized logo services according to customer requirements to custom packages.
  • delivery time: less than 100 packs can ship out within a day; less than1000 packs can ship out in 15days.
  • Samples can be sent on request
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