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Explore a wide variety of sizes and styles in our Self Adhesive Vinyl stickers collection. Perfect for enhancing party celebrations, birthday balloons, school projects, yard sale signs, mugs, glass surfaces, walls, phones, and more. Check out our store for even more style options!


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Details about Brushed vinyl Adhesive decal vinyl

Product Name: Premium Brushed Vinyl Adhesive Decal Sheets

Boost Your Creativity with Versatile Options: Our premium brushed vinyl adhesive decal sheets come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Explore our selection to find the ideal match for your creative projects.

Perfect for Various Occasions: From party decorations to DIY crafts, these decal sheets are perfect for enhancing your creativity. They’re suitable for party celebrations, birthday decorations, school projects, yard sale signs, personalizing mugs, glassware, walls, and even phone cases.

Effortless Application: Achieving professional-looking results is easy. Simply use your preferred cutting machine to create your designs, remove the backing paper, and apply the decals to your chosen surface. No hassle, no fuss.

Compatibility with All Craft Cutters: Whether you use a Cricut, Silhouette, or any other craft cutter, our vinyl sheets are compatible with all. Enjoy seamless integration into your crafting routine.

Reliable Stay-Put Adhesive: We understand the value of your hard work. Our vinyl sheets feature a robust adhesive backing that ensures your creations remain firmly in place, even on smooth surfaces. They’re built to endure washing and exposure to outdoor elements, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Elevate Your Projects with Premium Decals: Take your crafting and decorating projects to the next level with our premium brushed vinyl adhesive decal sheets. Find the perfect style, enjoy effortless application, and create long-lasting, eye-catching results. Explore our collection today!


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  • Product Name: Premium Waterproof Printable Vinyl SheetsExceptional Durability: Our waterproof printable vinyl material is engineered to provide unmatched durability, ensuring it excels in outdoor applications. It not only absorbs ink beautifully but also demonstrates outstanding resistance to environmental elements.Built to Resist Damage: This clear printable vinyl is fortified with scratch and tear resistance, making it impervious to minor scratches and nearly impossible to tear. Your creations will maintain their integrity and appearance.

    Swift Ink Drying: Printed ink on our vinyl sheets dries quickly, typically within just 5 minutes. The ink permeates deeply into the sticker paper, ensuring your designs are ready for use almost immediately.

    Proven Resilience: These vinyl sheets have endured rigorous testing and proven their ability to withstand months of exposure to direct sunlight and rain without fading or deterioration.

    Secure Packaging: Each order is meticulously packed in a protective cardboard sleeve, containing 10 sheets specially designed for inkjet printers. Instructions are included to facilitate your printing process.

    Endless Creative Possibilities: Unleash your imagination with our versatile printable vinyl, suitable for a wide range of DIY projects. From custom tumblers and die-cast models to mailboxes, bumper stickers, laptop decals, and more, the options are limitless.

    Chemical Resistance: A protective coating on our printable vinyl effectively shields against chemicals and oils, significantly extending the lifespan of your stickers.

    Elevate Your Creations: Choose our premium waterproof printable vinyl sheets to enhance your crafting projects. Explore a world of possibilities with this durable and versatile material that’s designed to last. Discover our selection today!


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