2022 New Dtf 75u Single Sided Cold Peel Glitter Dtf Film Roll

PET Film, Also called DTF, is Direct transfer film, Which is a new technology for T-shirt heat transfer -digital offset heat transfer



Details about 2022 New Dtf 75u Single Sided Cold Peel Glitter Dtf Film Roll


DTF Golden glitter Film, Also called DTF, is Direct transfer film, Which is a new technology for T-shirt heat transfer -digital offset heat transfer

DTF stands for “Direct to Film,” which is a method of printing designs onto film and then transferring them onto fabric using a heat press. Glitter DTF film refers to a type of film that has glitter particles embedded in the film material, giving the transferred design a glittery, sparkly effect.

Can be printed with existing dtf printer

Don’t need to change any dtf consumables

【Size】: A3/A4/ROLL(60cm*100m)

Glitter DTF film Application

commonly used in the fashion and apparel industry for creating eye-catching designs on fabric, such as t-shirts, bags, and hats.

Glitter DTF (Direct-to-Film) film is a type of transfer film used for printing designs on fabric. DTF is similar to DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing, but instead of printing directly onto the fabric, the design is first printed onto a special film that can be transferred onto the fabric.

Glitter DTF film Effect

is a variation of DTF film that has glitter particles embedded in it, creating a sparkly effect on the final design. It is suitable for printing on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends.

To use Glitter DTF film, the design is first printed in reverse onto the film using a compatible printer and ink. The film is then placed onto the fabric and heat pressed, transferring the design onto the fabric. The excess film is peeled away, leaving only the design on the fabric.

It’s important to note that the quality and durability of the final design depend on the quality of the film, printer, and ink used, as well as the heat press

Print suggestion

Pressing condition:150-170 degrees

Time:8-15 seconds

Tear-off method: Warm peel, cold peel

Matters needing Attention:

Storage Environment:

Relative humidity 35-65%, Temperature 10-30 degrees, sealed indoor storage,avoid direct sunlight, shelf life 1 year

Precaution for washing

We recommend washing the transferred T-shirt Speperately with ordinary detergent and cold water

Do not mix with other clothes at the same time

Do not dry clean or bleach

Dry them immediately after washing, or use a dryer to dry after washing, if the image shows signs of shedding, you can cover the image with greaseproof paper and iron it again

Do not iron the transfer part directly with an iron



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