Brighten Your World: DTF Fluorescent Inks for Stunning Designs!

How does fluorescent DTF printing work ?

dtf fluorescent ink

What is fluorescent DTF print? Let’s first understand fluorescent inks. Fluorescent inks are inks that glow under UV and black light. DTF fluorescent printing is the same as normal DTF. The only difference is that we do not use regular DTF inks. Design is the first step in printing. Patch colors are used in fluorescent prints. Cyan, Orange, Green, etc. Fluorescence should be considered when designing artwork. Images cannot be downloaded and printed. Vector design is required to change the colors or add patches.

Fluorescent DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing is a specialized printing process that uses inks that fluoresce or glow under ultraviolet (UV) or black light. Here’s how the process generally works:

  1. Design Preparation: The process begins with the creation or selection of a design that incorporates fluorescent elements. These designs typically include specific patch colors, such as cyan, orange, green, or other fluorescent shades. It’s important to use vector design software for creating or editing the artwork so that colors can be easily adjusted and patch colors can be added or modified as needed.

  2. Selection of Fluorescent Inks: Instead of regular DTF inks, fluorescent DTF printing uses special fluorescent dtf ink. These inks contain pigments or dyes that have fluorescent properties, meaning they emit visible light when exposed to UV or black light.

  3. Printing: The selected design is then printed onto a transfer film or substrate using a DTF printer. The printer applies the fluorescent inks to the substrate, creating the desired design. The inks are applied in the same manner as regular DTF printing, but the key difference is the use of fluorescent ink colors.

  4. Curing or Drying: After printing, the ink may need to be cured or dried using UV or other appropriate methods to ensure the colors are set and vibrant.

  5. Finishing: Depending on the application, the printed design may require finishing processes, such as heat pressing, to transfer it onto the final material, such as clothing or textiles.

  6. Exposure to UV or Black Light: The unique feature of fluorescent DTF prints is that they “glow” when exposed to UV or black light. This effect makes the colors appear especially vibrant and eye-catching under such lighting conditions.

Fluorescent DTF printing is often used for applications where a bold and attention-grabbing visual impact is desired, such as in fashion, signage, party decorations, and promotional materials for events with UV lighting. It’s important to note that proper design considerations and the use of specific fluorescent inks are crucial to achieving the desired fluorescent effect.


Can i use my normal DTF printer to print Fluorescent inks ?

dtf fluorescent ink

You can, but:

The entire CISS system, including the pipe, ink ducts, dampers, and tracks, must be replaced.
It is not recommended to use used printers for DTF. The most common problems are ink mixing, improper color output, and head clogging. It is never recommended to mix two types of ink. You can still try it if you feel comfortable.

How long do fluorescent prints last?

It’s the same for regular DTF. In around 100-150 days, fluorescent inks will fade without even one wash.

How much does it cost to print fluorescent DTF?

It doesn’t matter if it is a regular or fluorescent DTF printer. The setup cost is the same. The cost of consumables and ink may differ. Ink is the only thing that differs.

What is the best way to start a Fluorescent DTF Printing Business?

Fluorescent DTF is a specialty that adds value to any DTF or textile printing company. Only if you have an existing DTF printer should you opt for fluorescent DTF. It is not a business that can be started because the requirements are so low. If you have an established fabric printing company, fluorescent printing will add to your profits.

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